This is just about what I have going on for the next week or two. Scheduling is a tricky thing.


I am scheduled for a few things this week.

Tomorrow, I go to my interview with a company that caters to the elderly. If I’m chosen to be a part of the company I will be going into elders homes and making them food, taking care of them, and taking them to appointments. And overall, I’ll just spend time with them.

The 3rd, I have to go to a WiC appointment at 7:45 in the morning. This won’t be much longer, my son is about to turn 5 and when that happens I will no longer be eligible for the assist.

Sometime this week, I will hear or should hear back from the school about my background check that they do for the parent volunteers. Which the volunteering is mandatory for Preschooler students parents to do. I don’t mind, I think it is cool to get to see what all the kids get to do for those 3 hours they aren’t with us at home. Since, my son is always vague and never tells me all the good stuff.

I do believe there are some PTA things going on… but I have to confirm the dates and such. I just became a member so I am unaware of most of what’s going on. They also seem a hair unorganized in my opinion but in their defense, I am picky when it comes to times, dates and schedules.

And on the 10th I go to my doctor for my pap-smear. I’m just making sure all is well, since I got the one abnormal one, I have been having a little trouble but nothing serious. So, I am just more or less doing it for the “better safe than sorry” motto.

That is about it. I have a busy week. I hope to find some time this week to sit and write on my novel. I really have the itch to write. I just seem to be bogged down by something else all the time.


Goodnight readers.

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