A tiresome night…

When something simple interrupts a good nights sleep. You end up with a tiresome night.


I was sitting there with my husband watching the end of Supergirl (tonight we were finishing up our Super Heroes: Arrow, The Flash, S H I E L D, and Supergirl) when our 4 year old son sat up in his bed and fell as he reached out to place his hand on the bed that wasn’t there. He fell right on his head. I jumped up naturally and ran to him to see if he was okay. And his little voice was already prepared, “I’m okay, I’m okay.” I asked him if anything was hurting and he said no. I picked him up and placed him back in his bed but then he said, “No, no, no… take me over there!” And he pointed to our bed. He didn’t want to sleep there anymore. Well, it turns out he didn’t want to sleep at all. He is still awake, forcing me to still be awake. I’m exhausted. He got like 4 or 5 hours of sleep before he plowed his head into the floor and woke himself up. I got exactly… None. I’m sleepy. I just want to fall over and face plant on my keyboard, but instead I am writing this blog. But the best part of this night is right now he is watching YouTube and laughing in little spurts, which makes me smile widely. He is so cute when he does that. But that doesn’t curb my sleepiness. My apple juice isn’t keeping me awake either. I thought maybe it would, a little shot of juice to get he brain activated, but no… Notta! I hope I get to sleep in. Ugh.

Thanks for reading.

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