Guide Me (Poetry)

*Guide Me*

Time will never be on your side,
Trust me when I say this,
Push through let me be your guide,
I’ll be sure to make it bliss.

Focus on your light,
The one that shines like a star,
I’m going to be there for the fight,
To make sure you make it on the right side of the bar.

Be more than I have ever been,
Shush now, it’s what you can be,
Show them all what they’ve never seen,
It’s all within you that’s what key.

You have a lot to learn,
But with a guide like mine,
You’ll go through the twists and turns,
And all will be just fine.

© Copyright


*Disclaimer:: Please do not use any of the original works on this site as your own. If you wish to use something please contact the writer for permission to do so. Thank you*


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