Toot My Horn…

What I like about myself…


So, I found these 365 daily topics to write about and for today’s topic it has describe one or more things that you like about yourself.

I have a few things I like about myself.

  1. My compassion
  2. My understanding
  3. My eyes
  4. My nose
  5. My feet
  6. My creativity

My compassion and understanding go hand in hand, they are both very important qualities to me. They are important for me to have and for those around me to have.

My eyes are pretty. I have green eyes. I also have piercing eyes, so I’ve been told. Anyway, I like them.

My nose, it is cute and like a button. It is small and very well portioned. I like it, too.

My feet, well, I have a tattoo on my left foot that is of my son’s birth foot prints. It has his name and a little owl on it because we call him Little Owl. So, the art on my foot is important and beautiful to me. But my feet are nice to look at. I don’t have small feet but they aren’t abnormally large either. They are slender though. I just like my feet.

My creativity is a big thing for me. I am a writer and a poet. I am also a blogger. I like to express myself through words. I also like to write fantasy and erotica. I am dark poet. But aside from writing I also like to sing and that too is creative. I like to paint as well. And do any arts and crafts that I can with my son. Even my religion is a creative extension of myself.

Toot your horn! Tell me in the comments what you like about YOURSELF! (:

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Marathon Life?

Response to Marathon, the Daily Prompt word by The Daily Post.

Marathon, hmm, what do I think of when I think about marathon? Well, the thing is I don’t run or walk or cycle, therefore, I do not take part in the marathon sport. But if you want to look at it with perspective, then I would say that life is a marathon. Maybe you have heard others site this as a reference for their life. Well, it absolutely applies to mine.

Everything that has ever happened in my life or with my life has been a process, if you will. It has never been a quick and speedy thing. So, I would equate my life to a marathon rather than its counterpart a sprint.

I work hard for my life. I work hard to make sure I make a good life for my son. Everything is taking so much time though.

I thought by now I’d have a car of my own and a house of my own. Hell, at this point I would be happy with just an 2 or 3 bedroom apartment of my own.

The world is full of tasks you can sprint at, but when it comes to your life and the things that make you happy… this is unlikely the process you will be taking.

Marathon is slow and steady but it works. Eventually.





In response to The Daily Post Daily Prompt word: Marathon

The Way It All WENT DOWN…

How my trip went on the east coast and the things that transpired when I returned to Ca.

It has been a while, I got back I think on December 20th. I know it was super close to Christmas Day. I just haven’t had time to really do much blogging.

My trip went surprisingly well and it was super fast and slow all at the same time. I left KY to go to WV. I spent almost a week there with my Dad and family there. It was nice but hectic. I got to see my other sister and her baby boy. He is just too damn cute. Spent time with my family, all the kids’ kids. I mean my babies are having babies now. I spent time with my Aunts and Uncles. My Uncle gave me a bunch of knives because I collect them. Dad gave me his bow and a knife. I didn’t get to bring the bow cause I didn’t have room in the truck.

Then from WV, I went to VA. I didn’t see as many people there as I would have liked to have seen. A lot of my friends were busy and I missed them. But I got to see my grandparents and I got to see my friend from school. And I got to meet her husband and kids. That was neat, they took me to dinner and hung out with me. It was nice. I helped my grandparents as much as I could. I loved spending time with my Gramma and Pappy. I spent about a week there with them as well.

So, by this time, I spent about 3 weeks on the east coast. However, I wound up going back to KY because I didn’t have a ride from VA to meet up with my boyfriend (the trucker) to go home. And my sister came to my rescue. She came got me from VA and we went back to KY. Then, by the time I got there my boyfriend was having issues with his truck and the weather had gotten bad, so I was there for about 2 weeks. I also contracted strep throat while I was there this time. I had to go to the hospital and be treated. It was bad. I finally got over the sickness and left to come back to California.

I must say, once I got here I was sad. Aside from seeing my son and husband and boyfriend… I didn’t really want to be back. I don’t like CA. I never have. I miss KY now, in fact. My mum welcomed me home with a big hug and I didn’t think she was gonna let go. My son was asleep and thought I was a dream. Hubby didn’t make much of a fuss but he was happy to see me too. When I got in the truck on the way out to CA, my boyfriend was quite happy to see me.

So, it has almost been a month since I’ve been back. And the better part of that time, I was laid up in the bed with the FLU! I mean the nasty flu… high high fevers, and hallucinations. It was bad. I still have a cough but I am symptom free otherwise. I feel much better.

I, now, have an interview tomorrow for a temp agency for Data Entry work. I hope I can get the position. I just need to pad the income for a little bit. Things are tight and if I am going to be moving to KY I need the cash. But it is looking more and more like it will be next year before I get to do that. *sighs*

I was really hoping to move at tax time this year but doesn’t seem like I will be able unless some miracle happens. Who knows? I will try and stay positive.


Thanks for reading! ❤