Marathon Life?

Response to Marathon, the Daily Prompt word by The Daily Post.


Marathon, hmm, what do I think of when I think about marathon? Well, the thing is I don’t run or walk or cycle, therefore, I do not take part in the marathon sport. But if you want to look at it with perspective, then I would say that life is a marathon. Maybe you have heard others site this as a reference for their life. Well, it absolutely applies to mine.

Everything that has ever happened in my life or with my life has been a process, if you will. It has never been a quick and speedy thing. So, I would equate my life to a marathon rather than its counterpart a sprint.

I work hard for my life. I work hard to make sure I make a good life for my son. Everything is taking so much time though.

I thought by now I’d have a car of my own and a house of my own. Hell, at this point I would be happy with just an 2 or 3 bedroom apartment of my own.

The world is full of tasks you can sprint at, but when it comes to your life and the things that make you happy… this is unlikely the process you will be taking.

Marathon is slow and steady but it works. Eventually.





In response to The Daily Post Daily Prompt word: Marathon

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