Reaction to the Crisis…

My personal reactions to crisis’.


365 Daily Prompts – today’s is: Evaluate honestly how you react in a crisis and do you like how you act?

Hmm, if I had to accurately and honestly tell you how I act in a crisis it would be simple. If it is serious like someone chopped their finger off or something of that nature, I panic. I unfortunately lose my shit altogether. Injuries make me nervous and freak out. But if it is a mental or emotional crisis, I am acceptable. Still not quite up to par, but I am okay. If it is dealing with someone else’s I am extremely adequate. I can assess the situation and calmly help the other person through it.

Now, ¬†when it comes to my own I tend to be a little more all over the place. I don’t lose my shit, but I over react. I blow things out of portion and get extremely upset or agitated depending on the scenario.

No, I do not like how I react in either case. The only thing I do like is that I could usually help others with a calm and collective way of looking at things. But as for my own personal crisis’, NO… I do NOT. I wish I could be different.

Tell me about your experiences in a crisis… how did you react?

Thanks for reading…

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