The Vampire Diaries.. Series Finale…


Okay, I have just finished up TVD and it is the very last episode. They wrapped it all up pretty nicely, into a little neat package. Though, I wish they would have made it a 2 hour event. They rushed through the ending a bit for my liking. Though, I do believe that we will be seeing some of the prominent characters, Caroline, Alric and a few others on the spin off show The Originals. So, at least that should be a good little mix. I think I am going to pick back up on The Originals as well, so I can see if that happens. I haven’t watched it since the 2nd season. I really liked the show but had too much going on. But now this one is gone, I can focus on it. I will catch up on Netflix. 

Anyway, that was my little 2 cents worth. I thought it was a good ending, but a bit rushed. Farewell, TVD! You had a wonderful run!

BiG FaN!


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