Missing the Romance…

I miss those days of romance. The ones where you come home and there are flowers waiting for you or you have little love notes. The days where I could enjoy sweet little kisses and romantic gestures. I miss that. It is sad that I rarely get that now. And being a woman, that not only has a husband, but a boyfriend as well… this is sad, indeed. I mean you would think at least one of them would pick up the slack! Sheesh. I do need some romance in my life. 

Getting ignored or completely overlooking my texts or thoughts is just unacceptable. Why does this even happen, ever? Clearly if I am talking to you I am taking the time to have a conversation, whether it be a text, call or face to face. Why can’t you be as present as me? Am I more invested? 

IS it because I’m overly emotional and just overall just a “woman”? IF, that is the case, then fuck you. If I’m going to put my time and effort into my relationships and my love for you, then I should get the same in return (I’m not talking about “expectations” or “expecting something in return for my love and attention” , I am just talking about a little consideration of my feelings, in return). Or just both let me go. Cause I’m clearly not worth it to either of you. 

I’m pissy. I know. And I’m emotional, I know that too. But my feelings are still valid and still mean something, if only to myself. *sigh* I am tired of overthinking and looking for something in return that isn’t there or isn’t even considered. 


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