The Day Everything Changed…

This is the first of the short story series I am writing. I am writing a little bit on it each week. Hopefully. Come read it and let me know what you think. Ideas on how you’d like to see the story go, if I like it I may implement your ideas. If needed I will certainly give the due credit!


           It started as a dreary fall Friday morning, nothing really out of the ordinary, just a hazy lazy day. I woke up, yawned, stretched, and got out of bed. I slipped on my comfortable little slippers that I kept just peeking from under the bed. I slowly dragged my feet across the floor to the end of my bed where my trunk sat; I pulled my silky, silvery colored robe onto my body, which was lying draped across it. It was a chilly morning. Even though, I thought I had turned up the heat the night before. I could have sworn I did. Yet, here I was, still shivering, having heaved my body out of the comfortably warm blanket that my bed was in possession of. My mind was telling me to continue on and make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. But my heart, well, it was warranting something altogether different. It kept chanting, “Those blankets are soft and inviting and just waiting for you to crawl back inside.” I shook the notion out of my thoughts. I sluggishly stumbled over to my master bathroom. It was light outside but the overcast outside was still presenting a vision problem for me. I kept bumping lightly into things; so, I flicked on the light. The bathroom light was always the brightest, or maybe it was because it was always the first light I turned on in the mornings making it blinding. I allowed my eyes to adjust for a few moments and I fumbled my hands around the mirror and into the cabinet. Finally, grasping ahold of my toothbrush and toothpaste I began my morning routine. Finishing up, I began washing my face when I heard this strange scratching sound. I shrugged it off and never thought anymore about it. I brushed out my hair, pulled it up and wrapped it with a hair tie in a high, full length ponytail. Even pulled back my dark, soft, brown hair fell just to my bottom. My hair always had a mind of its own, though, today it had decided to behave and slightly curl down my back. Pleased with how I looked in the mirror, I went back into the bedroom and shuffled to my walk-in closet. “What to wear? What to wear?” I thought. It was time for my morning jog. I had promised myself, I was going to start exercising more often. I was a bigger built woman. I wasn’t as big as I once had been, but I was overweight, nonetheless.

           Digging through my closet, I found these faded black jeans that I absolutely loved. They were super comfortable and I felt the need for comfort today. I slipped them on under my nightgown and robe. I realized this wasn’t appropriate attire for a morning jog. I scoffed at myself, and decided today wasn’t the day for a jog anyway. So, I gave myself the day off. Then, I disrobed and started searching for a shirt to wear. I finally spotted one of my favorite long sleeve blouses. This blouse was perfect for a day like today, it was an emerald green with a beautiful sequenced tree on the side of it wrapping around to the front. I shimmied out of the nightgown, letting it fall to the floor and pulled the blouse over my head and arms. Running my hands down the front of my shirt, I straightened it out and adjusted myself. I looked down for some socks in a small chest drawer I had in the closet. They were mismatched but I didn’t care, who was going to see them anyway? Right next to the chest was my brown knee high boots, so, I slipped out of my slippers into them. By now, I was fully awake. I snapped my finger in remembering that I needed to go back to the bathroom and get my Chap-Stick.

           After having applied my Chap-Stick, I went downstairs. I walked cheerfully down the stairs past the living room and into the kitchen where I grabbed a banana and glass of almond milk and sat down to my mini breakfast. As I sat there gazing out my glass kitchen door, overlooking my back yard. I thought I saw something, someone. I couldn’t be for sure; it was just a streak, almost like a peripheral shadow. I snapped out of my dazed immediately. Again, I just shrugged it off and continued eating. Once I was done, I got up and rinsed my glass and sat it in the sink. I reapplied my Chap-Stick. It was time to get myself together; I needed to be at work at 8:00 AM. I walked out the door at 7:30 AM and headed to ECO Strive. The company I worked for was a ecofriendly company, that provided bio-degradable and safe for the environment, well, everything. There was a clothing line, sprays of all sorts, Tupperware line, kitchen supplies, bathroom, you name it and we had it. I supported our cause. The environment had always been important to me. It was casual Friday; I worked in a corner office of our building, dealing with the day to day things of sales, shipping and other boring corporate things. I was the executive manager. I was the person that got it from all sides. It was a stressful job, which is why I had picked up defense/kick boxing classes on the weekend. Redirected my stress and I learned new things in the process. But this Friday was one I will never forget. I parked my 2017 4-door Dodge Ram truck in my reserved parking spot. I shut off the engine and heard a loud clatter behind and across the parking garage. I assumed it was a homeless person. They sometimes sifted through the trash cans. I grabbed my belongings and got out of the truck. I felt eyes on me. I whirled around only to find that there was no homeless person, or anyone for that matter. As I turned back to find my keys to click the lock on my truck doors there was this aroma. Intoxicating aroma that had me convinced someone was standing next to me but no one was there.

            I finally made it up to my office. I settled in and started my day. I suddenly got this sharp pain in my head. What happened next was like something out of a movie.


[[This portion of the series has been brought to you solely by me.]] 

Written By: Stacey Estrada

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