Missing the Romance…

I miss those days of romance. The ones where you come home and there are flowers waiting for you or you have little love notes. The days where I could enjoy sweet little kisses and romantic gestures. I miss that. It is sad that I rarely get that now. And being a woman, that not only has a husband, but a boyfriend as well… this is sad, indeed. I mean you would think at least one of them would pick up the slack! Sheesh. I do need some romance in my life. 

Getting ignored or completely overlooking my texts or thoughts is just unacceptable. Why does this even happen, ever? Clearly if I am talking to you I am taking the time to have a conversation, whether it be a text, call or face to face. Why can’t you be as present as me? Am I more invested? 

IS it because I’m overly emotional and just overall just a “woman”? IF, that is the case, then fuck you. If I’m going to put my time and effort into my relationships and my love for you, then I should get the same in return (I’m not talking about “expectations” or “expecting something in return for my love and attention” , I am just talking about a little consideration of my feelings, in return). Or just both let me go. Cause I’m clearly not worth it to either of you. 

I’m pissy. I know. And I’m emotional, I know that too. But my feelings are still valid and still mean something, if only to myself. *sigh* I am tired of overthinking and looking for something in return that isn’t there or isn’t even considered. 


Express Yourself…

Election and my thoughts on it all. Scared but not backing down.

I am absolutely sure that everyone has an opinion about our recent President Elect.

I am pretty sure that everyone has posted some kind of social media on it. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or otherwise, I’m sure they have used what they have.

With all the being said, I honestly care more about what is happening to our country now and before he was even elected. The hatred that is spewing because he condones it to be okay. He stokes the fires of racism and hate, bigotry and more.

Now, personally, I think he is a terrible selection for the Commander in Chief! He is a great celebrity on the other hand. He is is full of drama, shock and awe, and crazy comments. All the makings of a great reality star, which he has been there and done! Stick to what you know!

I am a little terrified that Americans voted not only out of hate (because if we are honest a lot of the racists and bigots voted for him because he allows to say and do what they want with little to no consequence and even eggs it on), but people were voting for him because they were just tired of the same ol’ politicians that lie and cheat to get into office but never truly doing what they say or changing anything. So, why not put the loud mouth smart ass in office, right? That sounds like at least we would not be getting bullshit every turn we made. When in fact, this is exactly what you’ve gotten, is a load of bullshit. I am sorry that Americans felt they had no other options for the Republican Party.

I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I do vote. But I will vote according to what policies I agree with and what values the candidate may have. Whether I am thoroughly against what they stand for or if I like what they have to say about certain topics. I am head-strong and have certain values I like to stay in tact so I vote based on these factors. I also listen to what they’ve said before in interviews, what they are saying in the present time and what they are saying about what they’d like to do in the future. Comparing all that you must think about the differences they’ve chose or if they remained consistent.

My major concern is I am married to a Native/Spaniard. I am in an open marriage. I have a black boyfriend. And I am also Wiccan. First, I have a Hispanic last name and the hate has already started publicly (not on me or mine, yet, but it is happening). The fact that my lifestyle is VERY different from most already opens me up for criticism from others but this will be different.  I have a black boyfriend, which again the hate can spread to him or me anytime we are together, on top of the fact if they know I’m married as well. And lastly, I am Wiccan. I practice Wicca. If he will go after one religion, who is to say he will not go after mine? I am not Christian therefore I am not up to par? Ridiculously frightening.

The most excruciatingly painful part of it all, is to think, my son is considered mixed blood. So, what will happen to him. A boy growing up in a time where once again hate is the focus and it is targeted to Hispanics/Latinos. He bears the last name of his father and mine as well. That is terrifying. He will be growing up in this era. [But I will most certainly do everything I can to shield him and protect him and LOVE him and teach him loving others is the way, NOT HATE.)

We had a horrific choice on either side. As Americans, we seriously couldn’t come up with better than those two? I mean a pencil has more political knowledge than Trump and I don’t think trust was ever a thing Clinton ever possessed. But WE AS A NATION deserve BOTH! TRUST AND POLITICAL and otherwise KNOWLEDGE!!!!!! We should have given that to ourselves. We do deserve it.

I love my country. I love the people in it. I am the hippy peace loving hopeful that wants everyone to get along and eat together and spend time with one another. But in today’s day and age, that is impossible. And having a President that will urge people to move and take action on their own disdain for other races, religions, sexual orientation, etc we will never be able to do that.

This makes me sad.

Even if Trump (BIG IF) could be a great President… How did America excuse the fact he belittled women, threatened major groups of our Nation (Muslims and Mexicans), and has attacked our government and how it is ran? These are fundamental problems within a person. How did we IGNORE THIS? We got the “It’s okay, he’s a good ol’ boy!” response. Are you kidding me? This is the President of the United States, not a backwoods saloon!

Our President should be (not all in the past have been either, but doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been, we are supposed to LEARN from our mistakes not make bigger ones) eloquent, graceful, intelligent, clear thoughtfulness, honorable, passionate, firm, fair, strong and politically sound in their own Party. All around a stand up guy/gal! But that isn’t want we got, and I can’t help to think it is because of ignorance. People just don’t understand what they have done or what they could have done to stop it.

But this is just my ramblings, my thoughts, and my ideas. Not everyone will agree. I do not hate anyone that may have voted for Trump or Clinton for that matter. I don’t even hate Trump or Clinton as people. I just don’t agree with what most of them say or do. I personally love individuals but I do not have to agree with you nor do you have to agree with me. We can still get along.


Thank you for reading. ^_^

For Granted…

Pay more attention to things in life.

There are many things in this world that people should pay more attention to: children, love, family and friends.

I’ve recently watched so many parents just completely ignore their children. Now, this is not me judging exactly, it is just me observing when I’m out in public. I’ve seen women and men walk off and leave their child unsupervised while they take a phone call or go to the bathroom. These are things I personally DO NOT DO. If I have to take a call then I will bring my child. If I have to use the restroom, guess what? That little guy goes right with me. I don’t like for him to leave my sight. There are just so many things that can go wrong.
I had trouble letting him go to preschool because I’m not there to see everything he does. It worries me that he is away for hours and I don’t have a clue what he might be into.
Now, I’m not perfect. I have my own things I am guilty of, like I should play games with my son more often and when he is talking to me to focus on him a little more. I tend to get lost in my own “thing” sometimes and forget to set my time to him more often. He is four and needs my attention a lot. I feel like I could be a better mum in that aspect.

Love, whew, lots of people seriously take this for granted. It’s strange for me to see this because when I love… I love with all I have. I make time for the people I’m with. I try to do for them everything I can to make them happy. I can’t believe that others don’t do the same. If someone actually loves you, you should take the time to show that person how much you love them. Make your actions speak louder than the words. Hold them and be there always for them… but if you can’t do that for them, LET THEM GO. Don’t continue to break their heart, it isn’t fair.

Family and Friends, I am guilty of this…. I don’t spend enough time with my family or friends. I make plans and something always comes up. It is sad. This shouldn’t happen. I should always make more time. This makes me feel terrible. It makes me feel like I am a bad sister, daughter, wife, mother and friend. I am sorry for that.

Those are just some things I’ve learned and things I need to work on and a little bit of what I’ve seen in public.

Thank you for reading.