Writing Prompt – June 12th

365 Day of Writing Prompts: June 12th

You’ve got the power!
You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

I think the law I would have passed would be more strict punishments for people who abuse children. I feel like a lot of children slip the cracks of a broken system. And I realize our system isn’t perfect and they do the best they can in some cases, but there are some cases that just don’t get fully investigated or they just slip through. And once people offend, they usually repeat. So, I feel like capital punishment should be given to child abusers. So, that would be my law.

I feel like children need people to stand up for them… they can’t always do themselves.

The Day Everything Changed Part 4…

     Standing there shifting my weight back and forth on my feet as I needlessly try to sort out what is going on. “Who are you?” Again, I probed then quickly thinking about his words. “Better yet, what are you?” I looked straight at him.

     He stood there still and quiet for a moment, then began to speak again. “I am Larkyn Thorpe. I… “, he hesitated. 

      “Well? Out with it.” I became more bold and agitated. 

     “I am what humans refer to as a vampire. But I am not what the humans portray us as. Just like you are not like what the humans portray you as. Witches do not eat babies or sling fireballs from their hands.” He trailed off with something like, ‘at least not like in the movies’.

     I giggled loudly. It was more of a ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing’ kind of giggle. He looked down at me with his face slightly scrunched but not in a distasteful way. It was just enough for me to recognize he was serious. I was not drunk enough or I was too drunk. I wasn’t entirely sure which may be the case. I finally gave in and walked closer to the man and sat down on one of my bar stools. I dropped my head, rubbing my temples, trying make sense of all this. 

     “You don’t seem unwell or crazy. But how can this all be? And what are the Engia witches? And how would I be a part of them? I’ve never heard of them nor has my family ever even mentioned the name to me. I am so confused. And I’m a little taken aback. I don’t know how to process all of this information. I am pretty sure if I do process it at all, it makes me a little crazy. Who would ever believe any of this? And what if I do believe it, what does that make me? Who does that make me?” At the end it was more of a declaration to myself aloud rather than actually talking to him. 

     “I assure you Ms. Grimston. I am not crazy or sick. I am of sound body and mind. There are simply just more categories of people out there than just humans. Or what we like to call them Nohums (No-hue-mms), which means Normal Humans. Technically, we are all humans of sorts, we are just different form the norm.” He seemed to blither on. Though, I didn’t mind. He had an enticing voice and I found it very arousing. 

     He stopped talking and I came to as my mind was wandering. “So, you are telling me there are more of us, witches and vampires? Are there other kinds of abnormal humans?” I just stared at him with a worried look on my face. 

      “Yes.” He breathed simplistically. He reached out and touched my hand in efforts to comfort me, I think. “We are different. We are the same. Just as before, when you thought humans were all different and same. They all have different looks, feelings and preferences, yet all bleed and breathe the same. It is just like that, we just have small abnormalities that make us genetically different. Some Nohums have classified my kind as a disease. That is simply not true. It isn’t a disease we are afflicted with. We are born as such, we can be born to two Nohums, such as I was. It is just something that happens. And you as well, you were born to two Nohums but your Great Grandmother Arla on your father’s side was an Engia witch. Though, she denied her abilities and never spoke of them. I met her when she was quite young. There are only a handful of my kind left and only a few of your as well. We have many things in common, young witch.” He ended on a note that sounded like he was trying to connect to me. 

     Once he was done speaking, I realized his hand was warm, not cold like the movies at all. And he spoke of meeting my Great Grandmother when she was a child. But how? Suddenly, I felt a piercing pain in my head again. I was back in the cold damp room and the stinging in my neck had returned. I couldn’t move or speak. But my wits were about me this time. I started looking for clues. Where was I? I again faded away.

     When I woke up I was lying in my bed clothed in yesterdays outfit. I jolted up with force. I looked around. Where was Larkyn and did he have something to do with this? Ugh. I hated feeling like this. I peeked over at my alarm clock. 3 o’clock AM. Well, once again, I had lost a significant amount of time. But I didn’t seem to have a terrible headache this time. I seemed to be just fine. But I didn’t see Larkyn around anywhere. Where had he gone? 

     I collected myself and headed into the kitchen for a glass of water. And I find none other than Larkyn sitting on my bar stool. He was sitting there as if he were waiting on me to wake and come find him. It was strange and familiar all at the same time. I hadn’t had a man in my life for a long time and now I couldn’t seem to get rid of this one. Not that I had truly tried that hard to do so. Unfortunately, I had a thing for the weird and unusual and let’s face it he was both. 

     “What happened?” I inquired groggily. 

     “You, well, you sort of fell on me.” He said with a slight worried grin.

     “What do you mean? I fell on you?” My face light up a bright red. How embarrassing.

     “I believe it to be one of your visions, Miss Grimston. You sort of go unconscious when they happen. And I just placed you in bed where you’d be comfortable and sat and waited for your return. I also made sure no one else entered the premises.” He made this remark with intent. 

     “Who would be on my property anyway? But thanks, I guess.” I shrugged. 

   “There are others looking for you. Specifically, your type of human — Your type of witch.” He drew this sentence out as if he didn’t want to really admit it. 

     “You mean like you? The only difference I see here, is that you found me!” I turn away from him and folded my arms. “And I can’t seem to get you to go away.” I mumbled under my breath. 

      “I will leave if you wish, Miss Grimston. But I am not like the others. And you are now in danger of them finding you. I have found you. It was not that hard, since you weren’t cloaked. Also, you didn’t ask for me to leave, so why would I have thought to do so?” He sadly dropped his head. 

     “You heard what I said? How? I said it in an inaudible tone,” I paused. “No way! No way, you could have heard me from over there. And stop calling me that! My name is Tabitha, or Itha if you prefer. And how would I be cloaked; I didn’t even know what I was. I STILL don’t! And… ” He cut me off. 

      “I am a vampire, my senses are heightened. I am stronger, faster, hear, see, taste and feel more advantageously and more strongly than Nohums or even those that are witches. It is part of my design as a vampire. And I apologize Tabitha, I will not call you that any longer. Most witches cloak themselves without knowing it usually, it is like it comes innately to them. Do you own crystals or candles or herbs?” He tried to help with his line of questioning, of this I was sure.

     “I see. Yes, I do. I own two very old crystals and several candles. I also own a strange statue that belonged to my Great Grandmother Arla’s parents. But it is in my storage shed. And I haven’t moved it since I moved in here.” I droned a bit.

     “That’s it! Grandmother Arla was a witch whom denied her ancestral powers but her parents did not. They passed down their totem to her in hopes of helping her see the way. The totem possesses cloaking power. You should have had it in the house all along. It shouldn’t leave your home. Tell me it is small, something you can keep on your personage at all times?” His eyes gleamed a bit with his interest.

    “Yes. It is small enough I could probably make it into amulet.” I had read enough paranormal romance novels to know what amulets were. And since my life seemed to be turning towards the paranormal side, I figured… Why the hell not? “I can encase it in glass and metal and wear it around my neck. I believe it is in the old jewelry box that belonged to Grandmother Arla. I have a lot of her stuff since my parents died.” I bowed my head in sorrow for a moment, as I remembered my parents and their smiles. 

     “That is brilliant news. You need to have it on you at all times. This will cloak you. It will ensure no one else can find you. I will always be able to find you because now I have your scent. And we are sort of linked psychically.” He sat calm and still for a moment. “May I talk to you about the help I need from you?” He asked this in such a quiet way that it made him seem almost childlike. 

      “Yes. Go ahead. It isn’t like I have anything else better to do at this point.” I grimaced. I didn’t like being asked for help from strangers. It was weird and I just… well, I just didn’t like it. 

     He looked up from beneath his long eyelashes and pleaded with his eyes. “I am in trouble. There is someone after me. They think I owe them something that I do not. They think I should pay with my life. I’m not really particularly willing to give up my life so easily. See, I had a friend. She was much younger than I and not of my kind. I am a few centuries old and she is only a few decades old. But she is different like us. They think I have hidden her away from them. But that isn’t the case, she was taken from me. She was my partner in our business and my closest confidant. Though, we were never romantically involved she does mean very much to me. I need to know where she is located and I need to be undetected as I try to go and rescue her. Do you understand?”

  “What is she? How am I even able to help? And who is after you? Are they abnormalities too? And who have her?” I had so many questions. Questions that led to more questions. 



Written By: Stacey Estrada

[This portion of the story was brought to you solely by me.]

Update for you guys…

I am sorry, I haven’t had a chance to update the story for part 4. I may double up on part 4 and 5 next week. I have been having some medical issues of late. I can’t stay focused enough to work on it. But I will get it up to you guys as soon as I can.

Thanks for the patience. 

The Day Everything Changed Part 3

This is part 3 of the story. It is a day late. Please enjoy… like and share.

            I looked over at the microwave clock, 4:45 PM. Well, at least I got home earlier than usual. I grabbed a glass from the kitchen cupboard and ran some water for the filtered faucet. I sluggishly walked to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet where I grabbed my headache medicine. I took 2 little white pills and tried to will the pain away.

            I came back to the kitchen grabbed my red wine and started going through my paperwork. I grabbed my cellphone and cycled through the contacts list. ‘Raya Worley, this was going to be fun,’ I thought sarcastically. I waited about 10 minutes so the medicine could begin to work. Pacing back to my home office, my head finally started to feel like it was returning to normal. I pressed the call button.

            The answer machine picked up, “Hello, this is Raya Worley’s phone, I am attending other business but if you leave your name, number and a brief message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you, have a nice day.”

            Funny, she almost sounded nice. She wasn’t, never had been. I took a breath and began, “Hi Raya, this is Tabitha Grimston. I am returning your call from earlier. I do apologize for not calling you in advance when I got busy and wasn’t able to make our appointment. I’d like to make it up to you. Monday at 2:00 PM, we can meet at my office. You can call Nina, my assistant to confirm. I will be unavailable for the rest of the day and through the weekend. Thank you. Please have a wonderful weekend.” I hung up the phone. ‘Phew! At least that is over.’ I thought to myself.

            A couple hours passed and I was completely done with all my work. In my home office, I sat back in my chair and relaxed. Finally, it was time to unwind. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of red wine. I lit a candle and sat at my island in my kitchen on a bar stool. Staring at the flame and sipping my wine, I just caught a flash of a memory. Or at least it seemed like a memory. The dark room, the dim light, the cold, the pain… then nothing, shaking my head I re-positioned and sat up straight. I looked around the room trying to see if anyone had come in. I was alone but I felt like I was being watched. I shouted, “If someone is there, show yourself! I am tired and don’t want to play games.”

            Just as I turned back to my glass of wine and sat back again, I heard it. “Do not be afraid. I do not wish to harm you.” A man’s voice, low and deep rumbled through my home. It was quiet, but at the same time had a sense of booming power you could hear from all rooms. My body stiffened and I glanced around. Nothing. I saw nothing. “You cannot see me if I do not wish it.”

            “You have got to be kidding me? If you are here to take something or hurt me, could we get on with it?” I spouted, after mixing the medicine and wine, I should have known better. It clearly altered my thinking and the way of my mouth. I wasn’t much worried, especially since I had been taking my self-defense classes. I was good at what I did. But something felt off. I couldn’t quite place it though.

            “I assure you, I do not wish to harm you. If I show you who I am, I need something in return. Are you willing to agree?” He spoke like an Englishman, extremely proper and with a beautiful melodic cadence.

            “Okay.” I said stubbornly. I never let my guard down. I was waiting for him to show his face.

            He stepped into the candlelight from the hallway leading back to my bedrooms. He was in dark clothing, a black leather jacket, dark purple button up shirt, black jeans and black combat boots. He had dark chocolate hair with these green eyes that seemed to glow softly in the candlelight. His skin was pale and perfect. Standing about 6’7”, he was built like a Titan or a god. Truthfully, in that moment, I had been stunned by his beauty. I stammered for words. It was like my mouth couldn’t move. I stood there just staring like I had seen something out of a dream or something. Yet, there was a distinct vibration from him, dangerous and methodical. Maybe more like a nightmare. I tried to collect myself to speak. “What do you want? Who are you? And why are you in my home?” I spat out quickly and breathlessly.

            “I am here to enlist your help. I am in need of your power.” He bowed his head slightly.

            “You have the wrong person. I don’t know what the hell you are talking about and I think you are crazy. Powers? What power? Did you escape from the asylum? You are talking crazy.” My temper began to flare and I clenched my jaw.

            “Let me start over, I apologize for entering your home without your permission. I usually am unable to do so without permission but I had to encourage another to help me get around that. My name is Larkyn Thorpe. And again, I am here seeking your help. You may not understand what is happening to you or even believe it, but I know things about you. I sense it in you. You are from the Engia witches bloodline. Please don’t be alarmed. Tell me, have you started feeling off as of late? Do you lose moments of time or long periods even? This is relative to the powers coming to the surface and making it known to you. You likely have had visions and can’t quite explain them or think they may have been just dreams? If any or all of these things are happening you are transitioning into your place as a witch. Yes, they exist among other things. This world offers much more than just mere humans.” He stepped a bit closer and I backed away. He shifted his weight on his feet and clasped his hands together. Bowing his head he softly said, “I sincerely mean you no harm. I just need your help. Please bear with me just a moment.”

            “How am I supposed to believe this? Yes, I have been losing time. I had a strange dream. I don’t know what to do. And to be honest you are scaring me.” I scooted over to the corner of the kitchen and leaned myself against the counter. A flood of emotion ran through me like a raging river. ‘Why was this happening to me? Why did I feel compelled to believe this man?’ I thought for sure I was going crazy now.


Written By: Stacey Estrada

[This portion of the story was brought to you solely by me.]

The Day Everything Changed… Part 2

As promised, Friday and part 2 is out! This is the second part of the short story… come see and enjoy!

          I was lying on the floor of a cold damp room. My head was feeling foggy like a late night right before a set rain. I felt a slight pain in my head and a stinging on my neck. There was a faint light coming from the small window just above my head. The room was tiny, not much bigger than a jail cell. I suddenly felt a surge of panic and couldn’t seem to bring myself to call for help or move. It seemed as though I was under water. The room felt like it was spinning. I blinked to adjust my eyes. But my blinks got longer and longer until there was nothing but darkness.

          I pushed up from my computer keyboard at my desk. ‘Oh my god, did I just drift off at work?’ I thought. I shuffled around trying to get my bearings. I looked down at my phone. 4:00 PM! ‘Jesus had I slept that long?’ I shook my head just trying to recollect anything about the day. But the only thing I was able to actually recall was searing pain in my head before I knocked out. I reached over for my office phone and hit my messages button. You have 2 new messages. “Well, shit.” I said softly aloud. I pressed play.

          “Hello, Tabitha Grimston, this is Raya Worley. We had a meeting today at noon. I would have appreciated a call when you decided not to show up.” She paused and then began again with much more of an attitude in her voice. “Please be sure to reschedule and do try to be on time and show this time!” I heard the click of the phone. Next new message, the automated voice returned.

          “Itha! Where are you? Is everything okay? Where have you been all day? No one can reach you! I’m getting worried. Call me, ASAP! By the way, this is Madaline. CALL ME.” End of new messages, again the voice told me. Madaline had been my best friend from childhood. ‘I should really give her a call back.’ I thought to myself. She sounded quite worried in her message. Though, I probably would have been too had she not contacted me in hours. We spoke very regularly.

           I still had a ton of work to do but my headache just wouldn’t let up. So, I decided to take my work home with me. I gathered my things and grabbed all my notes and jotted down who I needed to call back. I started out the door; I hesitated for a moment. There was… I shook my head vigorously, blinked and looked back to see a dark figure standing at the far end of my office. There was a shadow cast in that direction but not much light got into my office anyway. ‘No, couldn’t be, it has to be this damn headache playing tricks on my mind.’ The only thing I could think was that this was getting out of hand. I walked out into the lobby, told Nina my assistant that I would be continuing my work from home today. I left the building and jumped in my truck. As soon as I did, I told my phone to call Madaline.

          “Hey! Where have you been? I have been worried. Why didn’t you answer your phone?” She prattled. I just sat waiting to get a word in edgewise.

          “Hi Maddie, I was at work. The weirdest thing happened. I fell asleep at work. I didn’t feel tired when I arrived but I guess I was. I passed out for like hours. I woke up with my face scrunched against my keyboard.” I said slightly laughing at what must have been a silly sight. “Anyway, I am returning your call because you sounded like you were going to have the police out looking for me soon.” I said with a snicker. “I am fine, really, just a bit of a headache.” I paused to allow her some time to process what I told her.

          “Itha, you can’t be doing that to me. You know I would have called the police.” As she was talking, I sat there thinking, ‘Yes Maddie because I wanted to pass out all day and did it totally to freak you out.’ I studied the road and listened to her, rolling my eyes at her ridiculousness. “Seriously, I was freaking out. I thought you had been kidnapped. Wait a sec, what do you mean you fell asleep? Maybe you should go to the doctor. This could be something way worse! Are you still at work?”

          “No, Maddie, I’m on my way home right now. I decided to bring work home with me. I need to try and get rid of this headache. I’m fairly certain it may be the root of all this weirdness. I am fine, promise.” I tried to calm her down.

          “Okay, Itha, but seriously if it gets worse, go to the doctor! All right?!” She was nearly yelling at me by this time.

           “Yes, Maddie, I’ll go if it gets worse. I am almost at my house. I will talk to you tomorrow when I have some time. I really need to get this work done and get caught up. I love you and will see you soon.” I heard her breathe heavily at me.

          “Okay. I love you too. Call me tomorrow. Have a good night. Bye.” She said.

           “Night.” And I hit the End Call button on my phone.

           I pushed the garage opener clicker and eased on into the garage. I parked my truck and got out with all my paperwork in hand. I clicked the lock on my remote key and heard a horn indicating it was in fact locked. I looked down at my door to the house to unlock it, when I realized I must have left it unlocked this morning. Strange, I never did that. I shrugged and pushed through the door. I walked in and sat all my stuff down on the island in the kitchen. I poured a glass of red wine and settled for a moment. ‘Today was one weird day, what was in store for the rest of it?’ I pondered.


[This portion was brought to you solely by me.]

Written By: Stacey Estrada

The Day Everything Changed…

This is the first of the short story series I am writing. I am writing a little bit on it each week. Hopefully. Come read it and let me know what you think. Ideas on how you’d like to see the story go, if I like it I may implement your ideas. If needed I will certainly give the due credit!

           It started as a dreary fall Friday morning, nothing really out of the ordinary, just a hazy lazy day. I woke up, yawned, stretched, and got out of bed. I slipped on my comfortable little slippers that I kept just peeking from under the bed. I slowly dragged my feet across the floor to the end of my bed where my trunk sat; I pulled my silky, silvery colored robe onto my body, which was lying draped across it. It was a chilly morning. Even though, I thought I had turned up the heat the night before. I could have sworn I did. Yet, here I was, still shivering, having heaved my body out of the comfortably warm blanket that my bed was in possession of. My mind was telling me to continue on and make it to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. But my heart, well, it was warranting something altogether different. It kept chanting, “Those blankets are soft and inviting and just waiting for you to crawl back inside.” I shook the notion out of my thoughts. I sluggishly stumbled over to my master bathroom. It was light outside but the overcast outside was still presenting a vision problem for me. I kept bumping lightly into things; so, I flicked on the light. The bathroom light was always the brightest, or maybe it was because it was always the first light I turned on in the mornings making it blinding. I allowed my eyes to adjust for a few moments and I fumbled my hands around the mirror and into the cabinet. Finally, grasping ahold of my toothbrush and toothpaste I began my morning routine. Finishing up, I began washing my face when I heard this strange scratching sound. I shrugged it off and never thought anymore about it. I brushed out my hair, pulled it up and wrapped it with a hair tie in a high, full length ponytail. Even pulled back my dark, soft, brown hair fell just to my bottom. My hair always had a mind of its own, though, today it had decided to behave and slightly curl down my back. Pleased with how I looked in the mirror, I went back into the bedroom and shuffled to my walk-in closet. “What to wear? What to wear?” I thought. It was time for my morning jog. I had promised myself, I was going to start exercising more often. I was a bigger built woman. I wasn’t as big as I once had been, but I was overweight, nonetheless.

           Digging through my closet, I found these faded black jeans that I absolutely loved. They were super comfortable and I felt the need for comfort today. I slipped them on under my nightgown and robe. I realized this wasn’t appropriate attire for a morning jog. I scoffed at myself, and decided today wasn’t the day for a jog anyway. So, I gave myself the day off. Then, I disrobed and started searching for a shirt to wear. I finally spotted one of my favorite long sleeve blouses. This blouse was perfect for a day like today, it was an emerald green with a beautiful sequenced tree on the side of it wrapping around to the front. I shimmied out of the nightgown, letting it fall to the floor and pulled the blouse over my head and arms. Running my hands down the front of my shirt, I straightened it out and adjusted myself. I looked down for some socks in a small chest drawer I had in the closet. They were mismatched but I didn’t care, who was going to see them anyway? Right next to the chest was my brown knee high boots, so, I slipped out of my slippers into them. By now, I was fully awake. I snapped my finger in remembering that I needed to go back to the bathroom and get my Chap-Stick.

           After having applied my Chap-Stick, I went downstairs. I walked cheerfully down the stairs past the living room and into the kitchen where I grabbed a banana and glass of almond milk and sat down to my mini breakfast. As I sat there gazing out my glass kitchen door, overlooking my back yard. I thought I saw something, someone. I couldn’t be for sure; it was just a streak, almost like a peripheral shadow. I snapped out of my dazed immediately. Again, I just shrugged it off and continued eating. Once I was done, I got up and rinsed my glass and sat it in the sink. I reapplied my Chap-Stick. It was time to get myself together; I needed to be at work at 8:00 AM. I walked out the door at 7:30 AM and headed to ECO Strive. The company I worked for was a ecofriendly company, that provided bio-degradable and safe for the environment, well, everything. There was a clothing line, sprays of all sorts, Tupperware line, kitchen supplies, bathroom, you name it and we had it. I supported our cause. The environment had always been important to me. It was casual Friday; I worked in a corner office of our building, dealing with the day to day things of sales, shipping and other boring corporate things. I was the executive manager. I was the person that got it from all sides. It was a stressful job, which is why I had picked up defense/kick boxing classes on the weekend. Redirected my stress and I learned new things in the process. But this Friday was one I will never forget. I parked my 2017 4-door Dodge Ram truck in my reserved parking spot. I shut off the engine and heard a loud clatter behind and across the parking garage. I assumed it was a homeless person. They sometimes sifted through the trash cans. I grabbed my belongings and got out of the truck. I felt eyes on me. I whirled around only to find that there was no homeless person, or anyone for that matter. As I turned back to find my keys to click the lock on my truck doors there was this aroma. Intoxicating aroma that had me convinced someone was standing next to me but no one was there.

            I finally made it up to my office. I settled in and started my day. I suddenly got this sharp pain in my head. What happened next was like something out of a movie.


[[This portion of the series has been brought to you solely by me.]] 

Written By: Stacey Estrada